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Cybele - Triple Threat Vibrator/Plug

Cybele - Triple Threat Vibrator/Plug

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Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and allow yourself to fall into a trance of hands-free sexual stimulation second to none with Cybele, the elegant triple stimulation vibrator. Take sexual liberation and empowerment into your own hands, or should we say out, as this remote vibe will showcase to you 9 choices in vibration frequency controlled by a handy remote. The simple click of a button will send pulsing waves of soul-shivering euphoria throughout your body as you hover on the brink of sensational orgasmic bliss.

Use as a plug for extended periods of pleasure, training, and power contained by your clothes. 

This gorgeously crafted triple vibrator is the true culmination of all things female pleasure, catering to simultaneous vaginal, clitoral, and anal gratification, the 'threesome' of your wildest and most erotic of dreams. The unique curvature of our favorite triple stimulation vibrator will ever so enticingly massage your pleasure points, the soft base resting against your clitoris for the epitome of sensation, and relish the sweet cherry-on-top to orgasmic delight as you discover an anal massage defined by sheer perfection. 

Made of the highest quality, body-safe silicone, Cybele is soft and silky to the touch, a plethora of female-oriented pleasure fitting in the palm of your hands, light yet unbelievably powerful. And good thing she is rechargeable, as you will seek these excitements again and again!

Color : Purple

BPA/Phenylethanes Free, Non-Toxic

Product specifications

3 original motors deliver a triple pleasure for a full-body orgasm
Length 4.5 In x Width 3.9 In x Height 2 In
Max noise ≤85 DB.
Battery life – 2 hours
9 vibration frequencies
Length 4.5 In x Width 3.9 In x Height 2 In
High-grade medical silicone material
Equipped with wireless remote control.
Cybele vibrating dildo is a travel-friendly, waterproof, rechargeable, and body-safe sex vibrator
Handheld Sized
Wirelessly Controlled

Your purchase includes:

1 x Luxury VV Box
1 x V for Vibes Engraved Pouch
1 x Cybele (4.7 inches long)
1 x Remote Control
1 x USB Charging Cable (Adapter not included)
1 x Manual

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