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Vulcan - 360° Blowjob Simulator

Vulcan - 360° Blowjob Simulator

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Where most blowjob simulators fall short in their visual presentation, this one is a clean-shaven, well-spoken, and undeniably respectable statement to sexual empowerment for those with a penis, and those with empowered clits.

Sensual blue lights will guide you through a journey of physical bliss, indicating the intensity of your blowjob sex toy experience as you explore Vulcan’s unique, 360-degree rotating approach to oral fulfillment. With 5 intensely pleasurable rotation modes complimented with 10 vibration patterns, you’ve never felt anything like this. 

Your blowjob simulator will showcase superlative penile/clit sensation at the simple click of a button, the combination of good looks and guaranteed, soul-shaking satisfaction is nothing short of badass indeed. However, there’s more depth to Vulcan than what’s on the outside. This blowjob simulator will enhance any masturbation session or couple’s play time with its long-lasting, USB-rechargeable, 1-hour battery life. Surely to take a pump session to the next level with a proper tube to house.

Take your time edging yourself to the brink of climax until release becomes inevitable, or utilize the pure potency of your blowjob simulator sex toy for quick but intense relief. The rotating masturbator sleeve won’t need long to have you pulsing with pleasure.

Vulcan’s sleeve is 100% waterproof with a water-resistant base, so feel free to use as much lube as you please and relish a warm, rigid exterior oh-so similar to the genuine experience.

Take edge training to the next level.

Discovering why this is the best blowjob simulator that will forever change your understanding of pleasure - kickstarting a sensual journey toward empowerment and dominance over your sexual being. Make masturbation + couple’s play as memorable, meaningful, and delectable as it is meant to be, for happiness and sexual fulfillment are secretly synonyms. Vulcan is a trusted guide towards each, for both men and women.

BPA/Phenylethanes Free, Non-Toxic


Material: medical-grade silicone, ABS, TPE
Battery life: 1 hour
Charging Time: 2.5 h
Size: L 9 In x D 2.5 In
Vibration Frequencies: 10
Rotation modes: 5
360-degree rotation
Battery: Lithium
Noise level less than 50 DB
Ergonomic design
USB Rechargeable
Upper Part – waterproof
Lower part water-resistant

Your package includes:

1 x Vulcan
1 x Charging cord (adapter not included)
1 x VV high-end pouch
1 x VV eloquent box
1 x Manual

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